Years of Quality Customer Care Experience at Your Service
Why are we proud of our service to homebuyers?
Nonprofit Mortgage is created to service the loan industry a little differently.
We support our loan officers with a full-service in-house team which offers them the flexibility they need to best serve their customers.
Servicing the loan from beginning to end saves you time, and you can trust that when we say we can fund a loan, we do it, and we do it with care.
We offer a full menu of attractive residential loan products and services and borrower satisfaction is our #1 priority!
Our Mission
Nonprofit Mortgage provides down payment assistance to underserved home buyers and those who have experienced a financial setback due to an illness in their household.
We're Different
Nonprofit Mortgage Company is a 501 C 3 public charity.
Whether receiving a loan from us or giving to our down payment fund, Nonprofit Mortgage clients help our community.
100% of gifts received go towards our down payment assistance program (no administrative costs).
We also direct income back to eligible borrowers. Instead of owners and managers profiting, this money goes towards the same down payment fund.
Our Core Values
We Care. Period. About our local communities, our customers, and our employees. We are committed to excellence. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. We operate with integrity and honesty. We always want to do what is best for the customer.
Our Locations
Main Office
4445 West 77th Street, Suite 240E Minneapolis, MN 55435
NMLS #1608823
Our Priority
Customer Satisfaction
Our Staff
Friendly & Empathetic
Our Rates
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4445 West 77th Street, Suite 240E Minneapolis, MN 55435
(678) 468 - 3982
Complaints may be directed to: Phone: 612-564-2786 Email: info@nonprofitmortgage.org
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